Santa Palm Car Wash
"The Car Wash of the Stars"

A visit to Santa Palm Car Wash is an enjoyable experience. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted by our team of professionals. We take care of over 12,000 vehicles a month: each given personalized care just like it was our own prized possession.

We treat every car like a luxury car!

Becoming the BEST CAR WASH IN LOS ANGELES comes down to employee loyalty, satisfying our customer’s exacting standards, and our ongoing commitment to washing technology and service. Don’t drive an E-class? Not to worry. Our famous Hand Wash Plus leaves even standard autos beaming.

Our Legendary “Walk of Fame” rivals those of Hollywood Blvd and Mann’s Chinese theater. The Santa Palm Car Wash is also known as the “Car Wash of the Stars” because of its entertainment industry clientele. Our amazing 160 foot long hallway displays over 200 autographed pictures of our celebrity customers. However, the primary reasons for the 30 years of success of Santa Palm Car Wash has been star quality service, friendly employees, computer controlled touchless cleaning equipment and professional personal attention to our customers.

While your car is given the star treatment, you might just make that big deal, sign a new client... or run into a few stars yourself!

8787 Santa Monica Blvd. at Palm Ave. - West Hollywood - 310-659-7888